The best stocking stuffers are ones you can devour!


Spreads with Swagger!

Born out of a desire for a substantial snack that would be healthy, delicious, and that the vast majority of folks could enjoy, paired with a love of good food, Kiki’s Spreads were created.

Kiki’s Spreads are different, hearty, and not just a hot dog topper.

It can stand alone, or stand up to a steak.

The substantial savoriness comes from the chickpeas. A terrific protein source that bulks up the flavor and the mouthfeel. Chickpeas and natural ingredients make up the recipes in all Kiki’s flavor varieties. No additives or preservatives included!

Kiki’s Spreads are the unexpected flavor addition you didn’t know you were missing!

Perfect for the hot dog and burger crowd, good for those watching their waistlines, and the gluten free and vegan gang can also devour a jar. From pretzels, hard boiled eggs, wraps, and zoodles, to cheeses, meats, fish, or straight out of the jar, Kiki’s Spreads pair well with life!

Kiki’s is taking the condiment world, high-fifing it, and turning it upside down.

And the name? That came from my friend's son who couldn’t pronounce my name- Kristen. That was 9 years ago, and it stuck!

Hoping you enjoy the succulent ride Kiki’s will take your taste buds on!

xo Kiki