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Kiki's Damn Fine Charcuterie Board

Boards on boards on boards. 
If you don't have any Kiki's flavor on your next charcuterie board then, we have to ask, is it a charcuterie board at all?
No, no it's not. 
3 Cheeses: Goat, Cheddar, Crumbled Blue
2 Cracker Varieties
Kiki's OG Stuffed strawberries with cacao powder on top
Kiki's OG & Smokey Peppers dippers
2 Fruits: Strawberries & Blackberries
3 Meats: Prosciutto, Sausage, Capocollo
2 Veggies: Cucumbers & Sliced Peppers
3 Additions: Dried Figs, Olives & Almonds
Make it for the family or just for yourself! 
Psst...those Kiki's OG stuffed strawberries are out of this world!


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